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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lace underwear for men

And why should men not wear sexy lace underwear, I think it's a man who is comfortable with his sexuality that will have no problem wearing it with confidence. Most men are stereotypical into wearing boxers or briefs, that's all they ever want to wear or feel they can wear, because as a male it's not the done thing to wear anything else. It is also the female species who find it not acceptable for a man to be wearing anything over than boxers and briefs, it is perceived that you are gay if you wear a thong, body suit, or any other types of underwear if you are not.
Mens underwear I think is slowly growing up making it more exciting for men to wear sexy and provocative underwear under their suits or whatever clothing they may be wearing.
With top underwear manufacturers now making underwear for men a little more daring and exciting its making mens underwear choice more exciting.

Although most retailers would not stock such underwear as it would not sell so they stick to boxers and briefs and heaven forbid those stupid cotton character printed boxers, they have to be the one thing that can kill an evening, I mean how do you feel sexy in those.
Joe Snyder make these gorgeous lace underwear that are not only sexy but provocative and gorgeous to wear, they have them in thongs and a lovely hi cut hipster, that really fit well in showing off the bum. They are definitely a leader in mens underwear.



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